Step 3. - Earning

Step 3. - Earning

How it works?

register NEW USERS
to our platform

we set up

whom BUY for themselves, their families or trying to earn selling our products

it generates
and ...

...39% of it is shared within the mostly involved partners!

What are my capabilites?

Creating your own purchasing and sales network gives you the possibility to achieve financial independence and freedom to manage your time! How is this possible?
By adding new Members to our Team you do a one-time job, which consists of introducing them properly to the Souvre Club and giving them relevant tips. What's next?
Then the new Members will not need your help anymore while doing shopping in the quantity they need, wherever and whenever they want, because they will be buying products in on-line shop. The products will be delivered to them by a courier, and whenever they shop you will get the Points! Because it is you who initiated the purchase.
Don’t forget to teach new Members everything you know, because thanks to that your network will be grateful to you, and in the network there will be people who will also engage in its development for their own needs!
Summarizing, thanks to reaching your friends’ friends, you can create a network of even several thousand customers, and your only job will be to take care of the network. Then, you will surely have enough money and time to fulfil your own ambitions and desires.

How to begin?

As soon as possible! Click on the “Sign up” tab and register by giving your basic details and the Identification Number of the person who told you about us. Did you find us by yourself? That’s OK. You can leave the field with the Promoter’s number empty, and the most experienced Member from your area will contact you and help you to get started.