With natural collagen, dietary supplements, cleansing and body care products already in our offer, we lacked fragrances ... or perfumes! Specially selected perfume compositions, imported from the cradle of perfume art, the city of Grasse in France, will find a wide range of customers. With 24% to 30% pure perfume essence and expensive fragrance harmony, each scent will be expressive and will evolve during use. The French Collection, which has 14 different fragrances, 50 ml each and the Continental Collection containing 12 perfume types, 100 ml each, will make even the most demanding customers find something for themselves. Beautifully decorated bottles and special, rarely used rigidbox packaging will satisfy the taste of our customers!


Each fragrance is different because it has a unique history, but all the perfumes signed with the SOUVRE INTERNATIONALE logo combine several unique features:


  • their production process uses expensive, specially selected components from the French city of Grasse;  
  • wheat alcohol (not potato) is used to neutralise the strong smell of alcohol;
  •  all components have undergone a unique maceration process (8 weeks for the French Collection and 12 weeks for the Continental Collection);  
  • all have a high content of pure perfume essence (24% — French Collection, 30% -—Continental Collection);  
  • they come in large volumes (50 ml — French Collection, 100 ml — Continental Collection);  
  • they are divided into families and types of fragrances;  
  • perfume bottles are matte-painted and hot-stamped;  
  • perfumes come in designer glass bottles of the highest quality glass;  
  • design reinforcement of packaging is in the form of "smartphone";  
  • surlyn and aluminium caps;
  • coloured liquid;


Collection: Française pour Femme et Homme (Volume: 50 ml).

We have prepared a unique proposal for lovers of classic collections — 10 women's and 4 men's fragrances from the French perfume line SOUVRE INTERNATIONALE. When producing perfumes, the creators have used specially selected ingredients from the French city of Grasse, the city of real perfume artists, which had undergone a unique 8-week maceration process. Our fragrances have a 24% content of pure perfume essence, which means that their scent will be easily detected by people in the immediate vicinity. No eternally fashionable classic product could exist without quality components and tasteful bottles. In order to design a small piece of art - a bottle of SOUVRE INTERNATIONALE perfume, we reached for unique materials: immaculate glass and surlyn — elegant material for the perfect look of the caps. We did it all with Souvre fans in mind: to make them feel the beauty of the classics with all their senses.


Here are some perfumes of our French Line:

  • Ambiance Paris;
  • Ambiance Nice;
  • Ambiance Marseille;
  • Ambiance Rennes;
  • Ambiance Bastia;
  • Ambiance Caen.


Collection: Continental pour Femme et Homme (Volume: 100 ml).

We collected memories of travels from around the world and enclosed them in designer glass bottles of the highest quality, fitted with Italian atomizers. From now on, the wildness of Africa, the mystery of Asia, the diversity of Europe or the majesty of North America will accompany perfume users on their journeys, even to the most distant corners of the world, allowing them to look into their souls as well. We have prepared 6 luxury Women’s and 6 Men's fragrances from the Continental Collection with a 30% concentration of pure perfume essence, which will make the perfume even more intense after a full day. Intensity goes hand-in-hand with durability. The maceration process lasting up to 12 weeks makes the perfume retain its scent far longer.


The fragrances of the Continental Line include:

  • Le parfum d'Asie;
  • Le parfum d'Afrique;
  • Le parfum d'Europe;
  • Le parfum d'Amérique du Nord;
  •  Le parfum D'Amérique du Sud;
  • Le parfum d'Australie.


Mini-Perfume Sets.

For all 26 fragrances we have also created unique Mini-Perfume Sets to choose the right fragrance for you or your loved ones. Mini-Perfume Sets match the scents of the French and Continental lines. Each of the fragrances was placed in one of the 4 packages typical for each fragrance.