Our specially selected perfume blends are imported from the city of Grasse in France, the cradle of perfume artistry. The collection is designed to offer something for everyone. With 24% to 30% pure perfume essence in each scent and luxuriously blended notes, the scents have a unique character and are designed to evolve over a day of wear. Our French Collection (14 fragrances, 50 ml each) and Continental Collection (12 fragrances, 100 ml each) are sure to offer something for even the most demanding of customers. Beautifully decorated bottles and specially sourced rigid packaging will satisfy perfume fans’ taste for luxury.


Each fragrance is different because of its unique history. However, all perfumes featuring the SOUVRE logo share a number of special characteristics in common:

  • They are produced using expensive, specially selected components from the French city of Grasse;
  • Wheat alcohol (not potato) is used to neutralise the strong smell of alcohol;
  • All components undergo a unique maceration process (8 weeks for the French Collection, 12 weeks for the Continental Collection);
  • All perfumes contain a high concentration of pure perfume essence (24% for the French Collection; 30% for the Continental Collection);
  • The perfumes come in large volumes (50 ml for the French Collection; 100 ml for the Continental Collection);
  • The fragrances are divided into families and types in accordance with their scent blend.
  • Each perfume bottle is matte-coated and hot-stamped;
  • Each perfume comes in a designer glass bottle made of the highest quality glass;
  • Design reinforcement of packaging is in the form of "smartphone";
  • The cap on each bottle is made from surlyn and aluminium;
  • Each perfume has an attractive hue.


Collection: Française pour Femme et Homme (Volume: 50 ml).

Lovers of classic collections will be sure to find something among the 10 women's fragrances and 4 men's fragrances in the SOUVRE INTERNATIONALE French perfume line. Each perfume is created using specially selected ingredients from the French city of Grasse, the birthplace of perfume artistry, where all ingredients are subject to a unique 8-week maceration process. The fragrances in our French collection contain 24% pure perfume essence, giving them a distinct, easily detectable scent. Of course, no classic and timeless product would be complete without a stylish exterior. In order to transform each bottle of SOUVRE INTERNATIONALE perfume into its own little world of art, we turned to very special materials: highest-quality glass for the bottle and surlyn for an elegant-looking cap. We did it all with Souvre fans in mind: we wanted to create an elegant, classic experience for all the senses.


Our French Line collection of perfumes includes:

  • Ambiance Paris;
  • Ambiance Nice;
  • Ambiance Marseille;
  • Ambiance Rennes;
  • Ambiance Bastia;
  • Ambiance Caen.


Collection: Continental pour Femme et Homme (Volume: 100 ml).

We gathered memories of exciting locales from around the globe and enclosed them in designer glass bottles of the highest quality, fitted with Italian atomizers. Wearers are accompanied by the wildness of Africa, the mystery of Asia, the diversity of Europe and the majesty of North America on their journeys to distant corners of the globe: a scent experience that penetrates the soul. Our Continental Collection features 6 luxury women’s and 6 men's fragrances with a 30% concentration of pure perfume essence, ensuring an intense scent after a full day of wear. Intensity goes hand-in-hand with longevity. The maceration process lasts for up to 12 weeks, helping the scent to be retained on the skin for longer.


The fragrances of the Continental Line include:

  • Le parfum d'Asie;
  • Le parfum d'Afrique;
  • Le parfum d'Europe;
  • Le parfum d'Amérique du Nord;
  •  Le parfum D'Amérique du Sud;
  • Le parfum d'Australie.


Collection: Spectra for Women (Volume: 50 ml)

  • Spectra Mirror
  • Spectra Light
  • Spectra Blink
  • Spectra Luna
  • Spectra Prism
  • Spectra Nova
  • Spectra Flame


Collection: Fractal for Men (Volume: 50 ml)

  • Fractal Space
  • Fractal Range
  • Fractal Wave
  • Fractal Chaos
  • Fractal Volt
  • Fractal Maze
  • Fractal Bravo