Natural collagen

Natural collagen


The Natural Collagen is produced for us by Inventia PT, which operates since 2003. It is a reliable company in the category of collagen products, which can boast of reputable product quality certificates. Collagen is a protein that is almost unobtainable on the market in its natural form. Most frequently the collagen found on the market is synthetic. The products that can be found on shop shelves contain only its traces. Natural Collagen in it's natural form is desired by many consumers (mostly by women who take care of their skin, women in the age of 50+, and it is used in aesthetic medicine clinics). Our skin produces collagen, which is responsible for stopping the ageing process. After the age of 25 the production of collagen in our body systematically decreases (which causes wrinkles and skin ageing). The skin of people who use natural collagen is ageing slowly because, apart from stopping the ageing process, it also improves the synthesis of collagen produced by our body (our skin starts to produce more of it). An important condition of this process is that the collagen is of natural origin (matching our synthesis of skin). Collagen has always been a demanded product because of its properties. More and more conscious consumers are looking for and buying collagen products. Due to the fact, that natural collagen is one of the most appreciated products in cosmetics, we need to include it in our offer.


  • Collagen (protein constituting 70% of skin proteins and 30% of total body weight. Its amount dominates in connective tissue. It is a strengthening protein. It has an exceptional capability of water retention, thanks to which it guarantees proper hydration of skin. It stimulates regeneration process, deeply moisturises and firms the skin);
  • Matrixyl® 3000 (innovative ingredient containing matrikines, small particles that are carriers of information concerning skin reconstruction and repair. Their small structure ensures reaching deeper skin layers, particularly the productive cells, e.g. fibroblasts. It affects smoothing out and reduction of wrinkles, while the skin becomes smoothened, refreshed, supple and rejuvenated);
  • Elastin (a protein in human body connected with collagen. Together with elastin they create an indissoluble network which supports productive cells and is responsible for elasticity and firmness of skin);
  • Sojadine (It consists of, among others, phytosterols, they affect proper reconstruction of connective tissue. They stimulate phytosterols to produce collagen. Sterols have properties that regenerate the natural lipid coat of the skin, thanks to which the proper hydration and protection from harmful external factors is maintained).


SOUVRE INTERNATIONALE Natural Collagen which we distribute is a perfect answer to current trends in cosmetics. It is not a product that contains "collagen" only in its name, but in reality has nothing to do with this protein. SOUVRE INTERNATIONALE Natural Collagen is a product that contains collagen with invariable and identical to human protein structure. Its effect and properties are incomparably wider and more effective than of those available in other products on the Polish and foreign market. SOUVRE INTERNATIONALE Natural Collagen gives your skin everything it needs. It is appropriate for all skin types. It ensures proper hydration and fresh and flawless look to young skin, whereas mature skin regains its elasticity, firmness and smoothness. Except for properties that affect general condition of all skin types, hair and nails. Except for properties that slow down the ageing of the skin, it also has been applied in medical cosmetology. It is used mainly in treatment of various kinds of skin conditions, like atopic dermatitis, psoriasis or joint diseases. It accelerates the process of wound healing and helps to reduce cellulite. It is a fully natural product, without superfluous additives, such as: parabens, SLS, synthetic pigments and chemical substances that negatively affect your skin and body.

SOUVRE INTERNATIONALE Natural Collagen includes 26 products, among others: 

  • Vitamin A + E Serum;
  • Vitalizing Milk;
  • Masks with Gold;
  • Face Cleansing Gel;
  • Creamy Peeling;
  • Platinum Collagen Gels (face and neckline);
  • Silver Collagen Gels (body);
  • Graphite Collagen Gels (hair and nails).

Additionally, you can find 11 collagen samples in our offer.