Limited editions

Limited editions



For everyday skin care, use ReCovery. Care professional cosmetics with antioxidant and regenerating properties. Imagine that you are delighting in the closeness of nature. You are closing your eyes, while the cosmetics, with their intense lifting formula, make your me-time even more enjoyable.

The exclusive ReCovery. by Souvre line has been created to bring the best of nature to a home spa experience. Your adventure will begin with a nourishing drop of a dragon's blood with a native collagen fibre.

In the ReCovery Care pack you will find:

  • Natural Collagen Red,
  • Under Eye Elixir,
  • Advanced Face Solution


Fractal&Spectra Exclusive Edition

A real icing on the cake is a luxury, limited edition of fragrances from Fractal&Spectra Exclusive Edition. What is so special about them? An intensive aroma, due to the 12-week maceration process, and exclusive design. It is a perfect gift for Her and Him.



In the ReCovery. Care pack you will find Natural Collagen Red: a product that will show you the natural power of your skin's nourishment. Our next expert product, Under Eye Elixir, offers a complex action: it has anti-wrinkle properties and reduces puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. Finally, the irreplaceable Advanced Face Solution cream will smooth, firm and nourish the skin in the blink of an eye, making your face look younger. It is another, unique element of your skin's renewal ritual.


Key benefits:

• stimulation of fibroblasts and innovative anti-aging effect

• intensive reduction of wrinkles - both in length and depth

• instant improvement of the condition of the most delicate parts of the face

• acceleration of the process of fighting off free radicals

• significant regeneration of skin cells

• firms facial contours.


Fractal&Spectra Exclusive Edition

Two, entirely new, limited in amount fragrances closed in elegant glass bottles: deep, lust inducing red and elegant, optimistic green, symbolizing harmony and stability.


Our fragrances will surprise you with:

- 30% pure perfume essence
- durability of french scent notes
- an intensive aroma due to 12-week maceration (process)
- exclusive design.