Skinonly: Normalizing line is a set of four cosmetics that offer complex effects, and that will... make your complexes disappear! Regulate, soothe, normalize, cleanse - four easy steps to achieving perfectly smooth skin. Trust in the properties of the natural ingredients enclosed in Skinonly cosmetics by Souvre. Remember that problematic, acne-prone skin does not have to be dry. On the contrary, you must take care of its optimum hydration levels. The Souvre brand of dermocosmetics will revolutionize your home skincare! Remember, hypoallergenic = hyper-efficient!


Skinonly Normalizing line includes:
•    Regulating Tonic,
•    Effective Green Mask,
•    Active Face Cream,
•    Calming Face Cream.


Key benefits:

  • matte complexion,
  • radiant face,
  • invisible pores,
  • no more acne and scars,
  • excessive production of sebum is a thing of the past.


Active ingredients:

  • silver,
  • castor oil,
  • jojoba oil,
  • avocado oil,
  • grapefruit extract,
  • hamamelis,
  • L-arginine.