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In Souvre we think in the same way as the customer - we wonder what products he/she looks for in order to satisfy his/her most subtle needs. We create an offer which is tailored to the modern customer's needs. We are aware that the decision about buying goods gets changed under various circumstances that's why we are flexible and open to recommendations of consumers of our products. We have the greatest satisfaction when new order is placed which means that our products are effective. It is a sign of gratitude for the fact that we put our heart and soul in what we are doing.

  • Ambiance Lille
  • Reinforcing Shampoo - Natural Collagen
  • Gold Masks - Natural Collagen
  • Le parfum d'Amérique du Nord

The competitiveness of cosmetics bearing the Souvre Internationale logo lies in innovation understood as the use of unpopular natural ingredients and treatments that improve the appearance and health of the skin. The active ingredients contained in them stimulate the synthesis of collagen, firming and nourishing the skin. Top-quality hypoallergenic products are recommended for people who struggle with skin problems such as acne on an everyday basis. The use of supplementary dietary ingredients to improve your skin helps to show the natural beauty - health and well-being. Unique Souvre perfumes for women and men are the supplement of your daily care and thanks to them you will be able to non-verbally communicate the features of your personality.

Modern on-line sale platform

In the era of growing competitiveness at the e-commerce market we decided to stand out from other brands of the beauty market. We are here for you - we adjust to your needs, we offer after sale support and the modern on-line sale platform. The products at your disposal:

  • Collagen Cosmetics
    Collagen Cosmetics
  • Natural Dietary Supplements
    Natural Dietary Supplements
  • Perfumes for Women
    Perfumes for Women
  • Perfumes for men
    Perfumes for men

We send our products to 27 countries

  • 50 000 000 Turnover since April 2016
  • 1 000 000 Parcels sent
  • 70 000 Active Partners
  • 178 Products in our offer

You will become friends with Souvre brand right from the start. Souvre is an environmentally friendly company, which is guided by the overriding objective of providing customers with the highest quality products that will take care of their health and beauty at home and in professional beauty salons.

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