Step 2. - Earning extra money

Step 2. - Earning extra money

As a Member of Souvre Club you are not only able to save, but also to earn extra money. In an easy way you can support your home budget, combining a small business with your private life. You can offer certain products which you use everyday to your friends as this can help them see the quality and effectiveness of the products that SOUVRE INTERNATIONALE offers. Due to such meetings and sale of our products you can additionally earn money, simply because of a high margin.

An additional several hundred zlotys can go to your wallet!

Thanks to the sale of SOUVRE INTERNATIONALE products

with up to 43% margin!

Over time, without unnecessary effort, you will be able to develop the market of satisfied customers who, by buying the SOUVRE INTERNATIONALE products, generate additional income for you. You provide them with professional products for everyday use as well as friendly and direct service at the highest level.

How is it possible??

Customer Price
approximately 43% of the margin goes to your pocket
Price in the online shop

Selling and advertising SOUVRE INTERNATIONALE products can become your additional or main income.