Cleaning products

Cleaning products


The ideal home is one that is clean, fragrant and well cared for. Just as we pay attention to the quality of the cosmetics we use to care for our bodies, we should pay the same attention to the quality of the products we use to care for our home interiors. High standards and customer trust are priorities for SOUVRE INTERNATIONALE. We are well aware that, to achieve the desired result, you need tested, modern and effective products. After all, we all value our time and money. SOUVRE INTERNATIONALE cleaning products guarantee visible results even after the first use, which will remain for many weeks. You won’t waste time on unending housework, nor will you waste money on any more ineffective products for cleaning bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms.

SOUVRE INTERNATIONALE cleaning products represent the highest quality and a modern approach to home care. You will no longer be troubled by a dirty cooker, stained carpets or visible scale on the sink. You will have no difficulty removing all kinds of dirt, scale and unpleasant odours from your home. Say goodbye to dirt for good, and say hello to fresh, fragrant and joyful rooms. Create the warmth of a real home for yourself and your family. A flat can be turned into an exclusive apartment that others can only envy.

Over a year you spend a great deal of money on various types of cleaning products which offer little except for attractive packaging. Constant disappointment, thousands of discarded packs, and the hours spent cleaning can cause tiredness and a gradual aversion to trying to keep your home clean and tidy. See for yourself how to care for your rooms easily and effectively, and how cheaply you can ensure that the freshness and unique scent of washed clothes are with you all day at home, work or school.

The line of home care products is designed to clean different types of surface, including glass, plastic and ceramics. Every product is created for specific requirements. SOUVRE INTERNATIONALE products contain improved formulas, with environmentally friendly alternatives to the harmful and irritant substances found in products from other brands.

Effectiveness, safety of use and cost savings are the basic reasons to trust the SOUVRE INTERNATIONALE brand.


    Ethanolamine (cleans up fat);
    Corrosion inhibitor (stops the ageing of material);
    Ecological citric acid (protects the glaze of bathroom ceramics);
    Ecological lactic acid (protects your skin);
    Sequestering agents (do not leave streaks);
    Anti-redeposition agents (prevent dirt from resettling on fabric);
    High concentration of cleaning agents.

Hit: Our own 750 ml bottles have ergonomic packaging with a measuring cup!


Innovative technologies, constantly updated chemical tests and the expertise of leading scientists have enabled us to create products that are not only effective, but also safe for the skin. Because for SOUVRE INTERNATIONALE it is extremely important to protect both the skin and the environment, we use ingredients of natural origin and those that are safe for the surfaces and applianceon which they are used. It is important, however, to use every product in accordance with its intended purpose and the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The SOUVRE INTERNATIONALE cleaning products category contains 34 product indexes, including among others:

    Easy-iron liquid;
    Dishwasher tablets;
    Scale and rust remover;
    Carpet and upholstery washing liquid;
    Pipe unblocker gel;
    Shower cubicle liquid;
    Cleaning liquid for heavily soiled surfaces;
    Washing liquids and fabric softeners.