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Souvre is people, marketing, success

We are the company with international prospects which dynamically develops in the social media marketing industry and acts in the e-commerce environment. The main seat is located in Poland. It is here where the innovative cosmetics recipes have been developed which have been created on the basis of natural collagen - protein which slows down the effects of passing time. The story of the successful people also started here, people who got acquainted with our know-how and who fulfil themselves as salesmen, marketing specialist and motivational speakers. Now you can shape your history with us and add another chapter to the history of Souvre in order to participate in creation of an international project by using a synergy effect.

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We offer high quality products to our consumers around Europe, products which improve their lives and enrich them by an element of natural beauty. We recommend cosmetics, dietary supplements and perfumes which aspire to be number one in their segments. We are guided by European standards in supplying products to customers. We are proud of many prizes which prove the high quality of our products and the high quality of service among others Luxurious Brand of the Year 2016, the Success of 2017, Fair Play Company, Customer's Laurel 2017.

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The business model of Souvre is based on the values which guarantee the success of the whole structure. Competent service, the transparency of business, respect for Customer, honesty and openness to innovative solutions - we care of the company's PR at every step. We offer unlimited possibilities of development that is why your work shall quickly bring satisfactory results as you'll get promoted to the next positions in the Souvre structure.

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